Production - Canary Melon

Products Production
Peppers 6.000 Tonnes
Courgette 5.000 Tonnes
Aubergine 500 Tonnes
Canary Melon 3.000 Tonnes
Watermelon 7.000 Tonnes
Lemon 19.000 Tonnes
Orange 7.000 Tonnes
Mandarin 2.500 Tonnes
Grapefruit 1.000 Tonnes
Tomato branch 3.500 Tonnes
54.500 Tonnes

The melon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and its botanic name is Cucumis melo. The varieties protected by the Protected Geographical Indication in Torre Pacheco are the Saccharinus Naud (with the Toad Skin and Canary Yellow types) and the Cantalupensis Naud (with the Galia and Cantaloup types).

These melons are generally heavier (up to 4kg), better calibre, sweeter, juicier and tastier than other types, maintaining these characteristics over long periods of time (even weeks) after they have been gathered.

The oval-shaped Canary Melon boasts a characteristic yellow colour on its soft, smooth skin. It contains very juicy, sugary and also lemon tones in its pulp. Its weight varies between 2-3kg.

The melon can be eaten virtually all year round. It is composed of 80% water, bringing its hydrating properties as well as having the advantage of providing very few calories, especially highlighted for diets for controlling weight or reducing carbohydrate intake, as is the case for diabetics.

A notable attribute among the orange flesh melons like the Cantaloupe is a bigger quantity of beta-carotenes and provitamin A (turning into vitamin A in our body according to its needs), which reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease, degenerative diseases or cancer. Thanks to its provision of vitamin C, its consumption is recommendable for sufferers of citrus intolerance, as well as for growing children and pregnant women.

As the mineral content (potassium, magnesium and calcium) of this fruit is high, its consumption is advisable for those with problems with alcoholism, disruptions in dietary patterns, burns, traumas or fevers.

These characteristics give it diuretic properties as well as reducing blood pressure, improving blood vessel conditions and helping to retain liquids.

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